If you love romantic movies the traditional way- with flowers and hearts, chocolates and tragedy, you will surely  love South Korean romantic movies. Some of the most tender romantic movies are as follows:

Romantic movies come in surprising packages. There are rom-coms (romantic comedies), holiday romances and even romantic horror movies. Some leave a bitter sweet taste in the senses. Some of the best of bitter sweet romantic movie are:

The European masters especially French, Italian and Spanish directors have presented us with some of the most enduring cinemas. Ten of the notable European romantic movies are as follows:

Have you had a bitter divorce recently? It is the time to play a DVD and bury your tears in a bucket of popcorn. The cinemas have portrayed divorce with sensitivity and care and it is time to compare stories of divorce. Here are ten movies with divorce as a central theme:

It is Valentine’s Day and you may be tired of the usual soppy, sentimental cinema. How about some excitement in the romance like romantic horror movies? Watch the chainsaw and machete all swing into action and you can experience the creepiest chills and thrills. The ten romantic horror movies are:

Every winter, the TV is full of movies, shows and specials geared for the Christmas holiday season. So bring in the blankets, light the fire and settle down with your loved ones to enjoy these ten romantic winter movies.

Unrequited love is a painful feeling and most of us have experienced it at some time or other in our lives. So some great movies have been made on this theme which may make you want those tissues and have a good cry, while you experience the agony faced by those unlucky in love. Some of these movies are also comic tales which will give you a good laugh.
Ten movies about unrequited love are as follows:

Some of the greatest dialogues ever written have been for romantic movies. Some may find these lines downright cheesy or simply corny but there is no doubt that these romantic quotes from movies stick to your mind long after you have heard them.

Some of the most romantic quotes from movies are as follows:

The Second World War was a horrific episode of international conflagration with its abundance of tragic tales. Against this backdrop, there are some heart stopping romantic tales which have been captured for the silver screen by able directors. Some of the most romantic World War 2 movies are as follows:

The various nuances of married life have been captured for the full screen by many able directors. These are romantic movies that can be watched by married couples, all snuggled up together with a bucket of popcorn.


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