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From misty mountains to the storied Outer Banks, the North Carolina landscape is perfectly designed for spending quality time with the one you love. Here in the middle of the East Coast, couples in search of a cozy vacation will find mountains, beaches, flatlands, and major urban areas, all filled with romantic things to do.


In Nebraska, there are innumerable  places to see and things to do on a romantic vacation. Together with your partner, you can Follow in the footsteps of the great explorers, pioneers, and Plains Indians; Discover wildlife from the prairie and from around the world or get in touch with the area's rich cultural heritage at one of the many historical cities.


Located on the northeastern part of the country, the state of Oregon is famous for diverse landscape from windswept coastlines on the west, to high mountain ranges, evergreen forests and even miles of rocky desert. Besides it has a rich history of art and culture, which is patronized by its lively outgoing people. The state thus makes an excellent starting point if you are looking forward for a romantic vacation and here are some destinations to choose from.

Willamette Valley Wine Trail

Pennsylvania has long been at the center of American history - It was here that the "Declaration of Independence" was signed, the epic Battle of Gettysburg was waged and much of the steel for the Allied military forces was produced during World War II. However besides its historical importance, the state is blessed with some of nature’s most exquisite views and myriad cultural attractions – all of which ensure that you will be spoilt for choice when considering the Keystone State for your next romantic getaway.


With 400 miles of coastline, Rhode Island offers unending vistas of scenic nature and diverse wildlife. At the same time, this is a state rich in historical and cultural attractions. Thus while Rhode Island might be the smallest state in the United States, nevertheless the Ocean State offers plenty of getaway options for its vacationing couples.


Massachusetts is home to several places perfect for a romantic outing or getaway. Blessed with scenic mountains, lovely beaches, a long heritage in art, culture and politics, this state has something to offer to couples of every taste.

The Berkshires

Ranging from scenic vistas and amazing coastline to historical attractions and urban sophistication, Maryland has something to offer to couples of every taste. Thus if you are planning a short trip with your significant other, here are some amazing getaway ideas the state has to offer.


For couples who want to have a romantic getaway, Michigan is the place to be. There are attractions that range from white sand beaches, sparkling lakes and quaint lighthouses to historic towns, museums and centers of art and culture. So if you are planning a romantic vacation, check out the following options in this state.

Mackinac Island

With spectacular natural vistas, historic sites and cosmopolitan centers, the state of Montana has long been a favorite couples’ destination. Whether your idea of romance is exploring the wild outdoors, soaking in historical atmosphere or taking in an operatic performance at a classy theater, you are sure to find romantic getaway ideas of your choice in the North Star state.

Lake Superior

Apart from scenic riverscapes and lush plantation country, The state of Mississippi is known for its variety of cultures – this ranges from the genteel Antebellum South to the Delta blues clubs. At the same time vacationers come here to enjoy riverboat gambling and explore Gulf Coast fishing communities. So if a romantic vacation is on the cards, you cannot go wrong by choosing any of these Mississippi destinations for your dream getaway.



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