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Apart from scenic riverscapes and lush plantation country, The state of Mississippi is known for its variety of cultures – this ranges from the genteel Antebellum South to the Delta blues clubs. At the same time vacationers come here to enjoy riverboat gambling and explore Gulf Coast fishing communities. So if a romantic vacation is on the cards, you cannot go wrong by choosing any of these Mississippi destinations for your dream getaway.


The many mountains, nature trails, horse farms and water features of Kentucky make a picturesque backdrop for romantic weekend getaways. Here you can choose an escape to a national park, explore a quaint historic village or live it up in a cosmopolitan city brimming with arts and culture. To help you plan your next romantic getaway, here are some great ideas from the Bluegrass state.


Located in the southern part of United States, Louisiana is brimming with cultural and natural attractions which make it an ideal getaway destination for lovers. The state is home to some of the beautiful and romantic resort towns where you can explore culture-rich districts and museums, soak in the atmosphere of historic quarters, take in stunning natural vistas or simply let lose your wild side during world-famous festivities.

New Orleans

Vermont is one of those magical places that don’t lose its beauty as the seasons change. Even as the weather gets colder, instead of fading the colors of the landscape seem to get more vibrant. In the summer and spring, Vermont lives up to its name which literally means "Green Mountain." In the autumn, the countryside comes alive with orange and gold, and in the winter months, the landscape is painted white with snow. So, no matter what time of the year, Vermont has something to offer every couple looking for a romantic getaway.

Catch the colors of the Fall

Known as the First State – on account of it being the first to ratify the Constitution of the United States – Delaware is as rich in scenic and cultural attractions as in history. thus if you are looking for romantic getaway ideas, you cannot go wrong on your travel to this pretty little state which offers couples a bounty of nature’s beauty, man-made marvels and vibrant culture.

Brandywine River Valley

Whether your idea of romance includes an oceanfront cottage with strolls and picnics on the beach, going back to childhood thrills at amusement parks or even a hike through some of most precious ecosystems of the world, Florida has something to cater to every kind of couple. Little wonder then that the Sunshine State consistently features as a top draw for domestic and international visitors looking for a romantic getaway.

Key West

If you are looking for a romantic destination to escape the monotony of daily life and spend some quality time with your partner, Georgia will spoil you for choice. With its vibrant history, luxurious gardens, powdery beaches, thriving culture and a happening nightlife, there is something to cater to couples of all tastes and preferences


Few states can offer more options for romantic getaways than Hawaii. Known as the ideal destination for couples and honeymooners, Hawaii boasts of golden beaches, thrilling water sports, a vibrant culture and much more, sure to create the best memories of your romantic vacation.

Aliomanu Bay

Some of the most spectacular mountains, lakes, and forests in the continent make Idaho an ideal place to escape from the hectic pace of everyday life and enjoy quality time with your sweetheart. Here you can choose from a variety of potential romantic getaways, ranging from the scenic to the fun, from the cultural to the adventurous.


Located in the Midwestern and Great Lakes regions of North America, Indiana has a wealth of natural beauty to tempt visitors from different parts of the country. Add to this a vibrant culture as well as a history dating back to indigenous times, and you have several attractions which can serve as the perfect romantic getaway.



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