10 Romantic Ways to Describe a Girl


When was the last time you said something special about your girl? After one passes through the initial days of dating, partners quickly run out of romantic ways to describe each other. Married couples too, become busy with the daily business of living and forget how a few romantic words of praise could fire up the dimming embers of love. Here are few suggestions to warm your partner’s heart with some of the most romantic ways to describe your girl.

  1. “God must’ve been showing off when He created you”

    This line offers a casual and yet clever way of appreciating your lover. If your girl is looking particularly attractive one evening, the words can be highly appropriate.  Or you can even weave it in an ordinary conversation as a natural way of praising your lover. It is fun and flirty and best of all, sure to leave your partner glowing with pleasure.
  2. A romantic quote

    Look for a romantic quote and say it an appropriate occasion. The following words from the film Don Juan DeMarco plumbs the deepest levels of intense love that any man can feel for a woman."Have you never met a woman who inspires you to love? Until your every sense is filled with her? You inhale her. You taste her. You see your unborn children in her eyes and know that your heart has at last found a home. Your life begins with her, and without her it must surely end."

    However if you want something simpler but equally poetic, how about Robert Burns’ well-known poem, “ O My love is like a red red rose/That’s newly sprung in June/O my Love is like the melody/that is sweetly played in tune”. These classic quotes contain a wealth of emotion and since they have been created by some of the best poets in history, they are crafted to remarkable effect.
  3. “You look wow”

    Compliment your woman on her looks and see the stars twinkle in her eyes. Telling your lover how nice she looks will instantly pep up your partner, make right a bad day and best of all, make her feel truly loved and appreciated. However be careful to sound sincere in your compliments since even a hint of faking can ruin a wonderful moment and leave your partner feeling disillusioned. Also use the line sparingly as over-doing might turn the words as well as the sentiment behind it commonplace.

  4. “You’re the smartest girl I ever dated”

    This conveys to a woman that you consider her being much more than a pretty smile or a hot body, that you recognize something deeper and more substantial in her than the sum of her physical attributes. Being appreciated for one’s intelligence or personality can be very empowering to a woman and if your compliment gives a boost to her self-esteem, she is sure to carry a favorable impression of you.
  5. “You complete me”

    The words not only imply that the speaker is aware of his own shortcomings but marks out the partner as one of the blessings of their lives. The emotion that your presence and love in somebody else’s life makes a positive difference is very empowering and is sure to melt the hearer. Use this line when you are sharing a quiet moment with your girl so that the full import of the words sink in.
  6. “Help us through this - You are so much stronger than I am”

    This line works like a miracle when the two of you are in the middle of a fight and no resolution seems forthcoming. The words highlight the need for partners to work together to resolve an issue even while they recognize the man’s acceptance of his partners emotional maturity. By sending out this message, you will instantly break the tension of the moment and hold out the possibility of smoothening out differences. However don’t forget to accompany your words with a light squeeze of your partner’s hand and she will know that you both are on the same side.
  7. “Your skin is like honey – sweet and fragrant”

    Whisper these words in your woman’s ears when you are sharing an intimate moment and watch the difference it makes to your relationship. Physical intimacy is a big factor is having a healthy relationship and telling your partner how good you feel when you both are wrapped up in each other’s arms is a sure-fire way to set the flames of your love roaring.
  8. “You’re amazing”

    Reserve these words for the time when your girlfriend or wife has accomplished a challenging task, like completing a project at work or whipping up a delicious dinner for you. The works mark appreciation of the other person’s qualities as an individual or a partner, depending on the occasion for which it is used. Your woman will not only feel good about their own achievements but also proud to have such a supportive partner.
  9. “Meet the essence of my life”

    Say these words when you are in company and are introducing your girlfriend or wife to people around. She will not only be pleased at such a straightforward avowal of your love but glad that your chose to admit it in public. Better still, follow the sentence by whispering in your lover’s ears, “and I mean it”.
  10. “You are so beautiful”

    No matter how many times you have said it before, nothing compares to these simple words in conveying the depth of your love. However it is imperative that you mean the words when you say them. Or else they will become yet another commonplace phrase used to cover up uncomfortable gaps in conversation.