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Florida with its sunny climate, warm tropical breezes, beautiful sunsets and luxurious accommodations is a paradise for couples. From golden beaches, to world class hotels and fun filled parks,   Florida has it all.

For those seeking a great romantic getaway, the ten best spots will be as follows:

Los Angeles with its sandy beaches, gorgeous gardens, interesting museums and fun filled parks is a top attraction for a romantic rendezvous.

Some of the most romantic spots in Los Angeles are:

If you are planning a romantic vacation, New York City is a truly romantic destination.  Here are some top romantic spots in New York City.

Paris is named in most travel literature as the most romantic city in the world. With its grand monuments, classic art and architecture, beautiful palaces and gardens and tantalizing cuisine, Paris draws the romantic at heart from all corners of the world.

Here are some of the most romantic places in Paris:

Singapore is made of 63 islands which exude romance and beauty. The verdant green scenery and golden beaches promise a romantic getaway unlike any other. Once a sleepy village today Singapore is a melting pot of cultures and attracts couples from all around the world. More than half of Singapore consists of modern skyscrapers and urban settlements and is the face of the ultramodern city. Other than these, Singapore also boasts of parks, zoos, temples, gardens and waterfalls.

Venice is the queen of the Adriatic, where romance and mystery is exuded in all the scenery: in the canals, buildings and gently gliding gondolas. There is no strict must see in this place - you can absorb the history, the music and art in the indolent hours with your loved one.

Venice delivers what it promises-a montage of breathtaking romantic sights and sounds. Here are ten most romantic places In Venice:

Want a romantic rendezvous in a scenic or historic place? India has plenty of romantic places waiting to be explored and enjoyed. From pristine hill stations to arid desert landscape, India has so much choice of romantic places that it is difficult to rank them.

But according to popular perception, the following are the top romantic spots in India (in alphabetic order):

California has no dearth of romantic haunts. From golden beaches to spectacular city panoramas, the Golden state has romantic hotspots featuring natural scenery as well as world class recreation and culture. A major cause for its popularity as rendezvous for lovers is its mild climate.

These are ten of the most romantic places in California:

Without doubt, London is one of the most romantic cities in the world. It is a great city for lovers, as there is a wide choice of locations to go to spend time. Some of the most romantic places in London are as follows:

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