How to Go on an Adventurous Road Trip with your Lover


Ralph Waldo Emerson said, ‘Life is a journey, not a destination’. This quote condenses all the charms of a road trip which can increase several times over, if you happen to set off with your significant other. But this time instead of planning your holiday down to the last minute, consider heading for an adventure on the road – you may not only have more fun than ever but find your relationship energized too. Here are then a few tips on how to go off on an adventurous road trip with your partner.

Be prepared

No matter how adventure loving you and your partner are, it is best to take care of the basics rather than start off on an impulse and find your road trip cut short due to car troubles or an expired credit card. First of all, you need to get your car tuned up and make sure it’s in the best of condition. Have a travelling map of the area with you or equip your car with a GPS, just in case you get lost. Stock up on blankets, food and water for the journey. Make sure you have the spare tire and other necessary mechanical requirements like a few spare bulbs, fuses and a tube. Also have a first aid kit handy since you never know when a medical emergency may crop up. Top your list with a good collection of your favorite tunes to keep yourselves entertained during long hours on the road. Finally don’t forget to carry enough cash in hand since you don’t want to stop at a countryside store and find out that they don’t accept credit cards.

Take turns driving

There's no reason for one person to do all the driving on the trip. Driving for long hours at a time can make you really tired. If your partner looks tired, take over the wheel and give him/her a chance to lie back to rest his/her eyes.

Have a destination in mind

While you may want to keep your road trip open to adventure, it is best to start out with a destination in mind. This will provide structure to your travel and prevent it from getting caught up in uncertainties – like how many days to spend on the road, how much money to spend on wayside sights and when to start back for home. Ensure that your final destination is a place where you know you can relax and enjoy after a long and adventurous couples road trip. If your journey is going to take a few days, space yourself well and do some research to get to know a few places you can stop for night halts.

Leave enough time for the way

The whole point of going on an adventurous road trip is to enjoy the journey. This means leaving enough time to relax and enjoy the drive. Don’t plan a road trip in a manner that forces you to zip over eighty miles an hour, just to reach your next designated stop; likewise avoid scheduling in too many things to see and do when you are travelling. Let the scenery and the route determine your stops – if you happen to like a sight, then pull over and take a few pictures. If an old church building catches your eye, by all means stop and find out more about it. Again if you are passing through a quaint town, stop by to check out what this place has to offer. While you may have a final destination in mind, let the journey on the road be easy and exploring – one good way to go about it is to simply imagine you’re strolling in a mall - travel the same way, like you have nothing better to do, or any better place to go.

Sample the culture

Yet another way to have an exciting road trip instead of a merely rushed one, is to explore the culture of the places you travel through. For instance when you are stopping for lunch, ensure that you sample a local dish or beverage. Ask the storeowner or waitress about what is special in that town or village, like a craft or a signature accessory and proceed to try it out. If you cannot afford souvenirs from every stop, consider clicking pictures. They are the best reminders of your road trip and they don't cost you much.

Travel light

If you wish to make your couple’s road trip a truly satisfying experience rather than constantly worry about theft and how you will manage with limited resources, consider adopting a minimalist lifestyle. At its core, “minimalism” means removing from your life stuff that doesn’t add value. It’s not enough to keep ‘things’ simply because you have them or you believe there is some monetary value attached to its ownership. Beyond life sustaining items like food, water, medicines, shelter treat all the others – your i-Pod and Hermes handbag for example - as ‘preferences’. This simple shift in your perspective will change how you approach and experience your road trip with a partner.

Take it easy

When you are on a road trip that stretches over a few days there are bound to be occasional annoyances like perhaps flat tires or the occasional long traffic jam. At times you may even get lost. But don’t let any of these get you down because it’s all a part of the adventure in a road trip. Keep in mind that the whole point of going on a trip with your lover is to be together and no matter what niggling issues there are, you are doing just that. Instead of fretting over minor car trouble or traffic gridlock, use the time to reminisce about the days when you first met or talk about your dreams. Ask your beloved something a question about him/herself and who knows, you may learn something new about your partner even after all this time. Enjoy your time together since it’s not every day that you can actually have a conversation for hours without the annoying buzz of the cell phone or the pressures of a to-do list.