Romantic getaways - Going away together on a romantic vacation




Get away to a romantic destination, to spend time with each other, even if only a day's drive away.

Every relationship needs time away from the madding crowd. For those married, routines take over your life. You have to balance household chores with office work and if there are kids, you have to accommodate their schedules too. Even if you do manage to make time for each other, you’re often so tired and wound up, all you can do is either complain or talk about some mundane matter, turn out the lights and hit the sack. Those dating may be luckier as they don’t get so sucked into the routine, but they too need to make time from snatched dates that are often too short.

What every couple needs is some time away. To get away to a romantic destination, where your only priority is spending time with each other. It could be for a month, week, weekend or even just a day. The important thing is that you have to make time to do it at least once every few months.

Here are a few destination suggestions for snatching some private moments together. Based on the time you have available and your budget, find out the option most suitable to you. You could treat yourselves to something fancy or just focus on the quality of the time together. The location is secondary.

1. The beach

One of the all-time favorites for lovers to enjoy some time alone, is by the sea. The combination of sun, sand and surf is guaranteed to soothe you and put you in the mood for romance.

2. The mountains

If you want to take your loved one’s breath away…go in for some high altitude lovin’. Enjoy each other’s company amidst the scenic beauty of the mountains. Getting there might involve a considerable drive, but that’s just another opportunity to play your favorite FM station and catch up on some time together.

3. The lakes

Whisk your beloved off to a luxurious lakeside retreat. Soak in the serenity of calm waters, feed the geese, take a boat ride or just simply loll on the grassy banks of the lake.

4. Amusement park/ Water park

While this isn’t the most romantic option, if you’re looking for a chance to just let down your hair and have a good time, this one’s for you. If you’ve got just a day to enjoy yourselves, this is the ideal alternative.

5. Log cabin /Country cabin

Log cabins have such a quaint and rustic air to them that it makes you feel like cozying up to one another. The chirruping of birds and quiet countryside are like balm to your soul. It’s the ideal chance to relax and enjoy each other.

6. Fancy hotel

Treat yourself and your loved one to the best. If the budget is not a problem, get the works. Have the hotel pick you up in a limousine, get yourself the best package and live it up king-size. Indulge in all the hedonistic pleasures on offer, and heighten your romance.

7. Bed & breakfast

Book yourselves into a cozy B&B for the weekend. Make sure it is located in a nice, quiet place, where you can wake up late to a delicious breakfast. Over scrambled eggs, baked beans and toast, tell each other how lucky you are to be together!

8. Ski resort

If both of you love the skiing, get away on a weekend skiing trip. There’s something about pristine white ski slopes, roaring fires, roasting marshmallows and sipping cocoa that just does it for you!

9. Spas

Visit a popular spa in your area and book yourselves in for the day. Let your mind and body relax and once you’re through, you’ll be ready for some good old-fashioned loving.

10. Camping / Forest reserve

If you’re both into the wild outdoors, this one’s for you. Sleep under a canopy of stars. Commune with nature. Give each other bear hugs and if you hear a roar, just make sure it is one of you getting wild, and not your friendly neighborhood tiger!

11. Vineyards

Take a vacation to a vineyard and enjoy the pleasures it offers. Stomp around crushing grapes and savor wines from the cellar.

12. Cruise

Enjoy a 5-star cruise with all the luxuries it has to offer.

13. Hot air balloon ride

Take her up on cloud nine and romance her before you bring her back down to earth!

14. Picnic for two

Spirit her away to a secluded spot and enjoy a romantic picnic for two. Take a basket full of goodies along and don’t forget a bottle of wine! Feel the grass beneath your feet and savor the simple pleasures of life together.

Whether it is on a shoestring budget or an extravagance, what matters is that you have taken the time out to plan a romantic break for the two of you and have enjoyed some quality time together. Cheers to your togetherness!