South Pacific Island Honeymoons - Solomon Islands


The Solomon Islands is the second largest chain of islands, lying between Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea. It comprises 900 odd islands, only about one third of which are inhabited. It is a land of mixed cultures and heritages, with people from different Pacific races right from Micronesians to Polynesians and Papuans co-habiting together.

The Solomons are hot all through the year, with the heaviest rainfall. Summer falls from December to March; ironically it’s also the time of the heaviest rains. Winter, from July to September, is the most popular time chosen to visit the Solomons.

The Solomons are renowned for its scuba diving activities. But for the regular tourist, the war remains around Henderson Airport, the boat trip from Honiara to Gizo and the Marovo Lagoon are very popular. Hiking and game fishing are some of the other attractions.

The majestic mountains, lush rainforest, waterfalls, rivers, coral reefs and lagoons make the Solomons worth visiting. The currency here is the Solomon Island dollar and local dialects, Pidgin and English are commonly spoken.