South Pacific Islands Honeymoon - Tonga Islands


Tonga is the only monarchy in the South Pacific and is sometimes referred to as its ‘Crown Jewel’. It is made up of 170 smaller islands divided into four main island groups and it lies roughly between Samoa and New Zealand.

As it is farther from the equator, Tonga is relatively cooler but December to April can still be quite hot and humid. June to August is the coolest time of year. June to October offers a marvelous opportunity to witness the presence of humpback whales in the waters in and around Tonga. Another feature of Tonga worth checking out are the magnificent limestone formations along the coast.

Tongatapu, the main island has a royal heritage while Vava’u is famous for it’s yachting and kayaking opportunities. Scuba diving, fishing and snorkeling are also ideal in Tonga.

May - Vava'u Festival with sporting and cultural events
June - Ha'apai Festival
July - Nukualofa's Heilala Festival with dancing, parades and sports competitions

The currency is the Tongan$ and the languages spoken are Tongan and English.