How to have a One Night Stand - Tips and Advice


In many men's eyes the one night stand is the undisputed king of all sexual encounters, and for good reason. Having sex with a beautiful woman and being back to doing whatever you want to do the next day is pretty much an ideal night for any bachelor, so make it happen.

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There are some people that you will not want to have a one night stand with because of the possible repercussions. At the top of this list is your co-workers. Your place of employment is great for meeting people to have relationships with, but a one night stand with a co-worker could make any future interactions with the two of you awkward as well as potentially drive a rift between mutual friends at the office. There's too much to lose where career is concerned.  Other people to avoid when looking for a casual night of fun are friends, friends of your family, friends of your friends and especially friends' exes. These sorts of flings can come back to haunt you in numerous ways, so try to have your one night stands with people who you're not likely to see too much of in the future.

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Bars and dance clubs are easily some of the best places to meet girls for one night stands. Bars and clubs can be a bad place to try to spark true relationships because of the very fact that so many men and women in these venues are just looking for random play. Always be looking your absolute sharpest and consider bringing along another handsome guy friend to help with approaching groups. There are certain targets to go for when it comes to securing a one night stand (you can take a shot at almost anyone but going after girls that are more likely to have your mindset will increase your chances). You'll want to find women who present themselves as promiscuous. You can spot these girls based on a lack of clothing and an overtly flirtatious nature. Promiscuous girls also have a tendency to get a little tipsier than their good girl counterparts (tread lightly when it comes to girls being all out drunk though; the laws regarding alcohol and rape are practically nothing but subjective, arguable and gray. Sometimes consent's not enough so if a girl can't talk without slurring or walk without stumbling then you shouldn't try to take advantage). Smoking is also a sign of a girl who might be willing to party. Often times eye contact and a wave or a basic name introduction will work with girls like this. When you're out for a one night stand you shouldn't fear rejection as much as you might normally (you were never going to talk to her after tomorrow anyway); just treat it like a numbers game (out of four girls approached the chances that none of them respond are quite small). More often than not girls who are looking to have some fun tonight will be willing to talk. Another way to give yourself a decent chance of landing a one night stand is seeking out those girls who you're somewhat attracted to but wouldn't exactly feel confident bringing around your friends as a girlfriend or arm candy. If you've got a secret thing for older woman or larger women for example then a one night stand is a perfect way to fulfill that fantasy. Generally speaking, if a third party would likely say that you are more attractive than the girl you're about to hit on, then the girl is probably going to be receptive.

If you find yourself falling for a girl on your first date or on the first time hanging out together then you might want to put off the notion of getting her into bed that night. One night stands have a tendency to end the next morning and never resume, as many times a girl who is willing to fall into a one night stand has the same sexual motives as you and nothing more. So if you want more than just some ephemeral physical fun then hold off on the sex. Be slick about it; don't make her feel as if you're rejecting her or as if you're scared to go all the way. Just end the night suavely and coolly, as if you have more important things to do before morning comes than sleeping with her. As long as the two of you had hit it off nicely in the first part of the night, the chances are good that she'll want to see you again and this time with a bit of added intrigue in the mix.

Once you're in the midst of the casual intimate encounter that you were looking for, let loose. Be as kinky as you want to be and do things you wouldn't usually do. This is a perfect opportunity to experiment (spanking, role playing, crazy new positions etc.); you don't have to worry about seeming perverted or goofy or weird because ultimately you don't really care what your partner thinks of you. You might discover something you like and be able to introduce it into a real relationship in the future. You also don't really need to worry about reciprocation in a one night stand context. The one night stand favors men in a way because they're able to reach an orgasm more easily than women (consider it nature's method of evening out the fact that most women who are even remotely attractive can get one night stands at will just by asking a guy at the singles bar if he wants to have sex). Does it really matter if this one thinks you're lousy in bed?

One night stands aren't going to bring you life long contentment, but they might just be able to sky rocket your contentment in the meantime, so why not enjoy the night? Be smart about who you select and always wear protection. As long as you take good precautions and make good decisions then a one night stand can be a fantastic end to even the dreariest day.