10 Skills that Impress Women


One of the most common complaints heard in relationships that it is impossible to know what women really want from men. The truth is that women appreciate a whole gamut of skills in men –ranging from the purely practical to the emotional – which is after all what is needed for a well-rounded personality. And even if they know that it is virtually impossible to find all these in any single man, here are - in descending order of difficulty - the top ten skills that impress women.

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Speaking a foreign language

This skill is by far a more difficult one to acquire as an adult unless you have a flair for languages and also one which is bound to take some time getting right. Nevertheless if a woman hears you speaking to the maitre de chef in French at a fine dining destination, she is bound to be impressed. Apart from the fact speaking a foreign language requires certain level of intelligence, it is also a sign of worldliness, one which distinguishes the much-travelled sophisticate from someone who has never been out of his home state. However be careful to reveal your skill in a matter of fact way ‘cause if you go out of your way to flaunt it, you may come off as a show-off or worse, desperate for approval.

Playing a musical instrument

Easier to pick up as compared to a new language, playing an instrument still requires some degree of dedication, a fact which is unlikely to escape a woman. So while other men might view your ability to strum a guitar or play the saxophone as just one of many skills that a guy can pick up, your girlfriend is more likely to see it as an expression of an artistic sensibility lurking deep inside your masculine self.

Fixing a car

Not all men are crazy about engines and all things mechanical. So fixing a car might seem like a tough skill to acquire especially when you don’t enjoy getting grease all over your sleeves and fingers. However in order to impress a woman it is usually enough to be able to correctly diagnose the cause of car trouble – especially if its her car – instead of opening the hood and looking bewildered. To score extra points, learn the basics like replacing a flat tire and reconnecting battery wires when they come loose. And you are all set for a long drive with your partner.

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Most women love to shake a leg with their partners on the dance floor. This makes men with dancing skills some of the hottest items on the dating scene. Some men on the other hand might feel that is the hardest of all skills to acquire, maybe because of the combination of the social and artistic element involved in dancing. They may be too shy to try or feel that they are going to trip their partners. However it’s quite simple really – you just need to follow the rhythms of the music with your body and keep eye contact with your partner. All of which are sure to make her go wow with you moves.


It is quite impossible to come across a woman who isn’t going to be just a bit pleasantly surprised on hearing that a man knows his way about in the kitchen. You need not start taking cooking classes or shopping for expensive cookware to impress a woman. Just start with a few basic recipes and practice them till they turn out quite right. And then you can invite your partner for a home date and give her a taste, literally, of your creations. Apart from the fact that your cooking skills will impress her, you will be eating better-tasting and healthier food yourself.


While you may have heard several times that you need to show your softer, sensitive side to a woman, it is also true that she needs to see evidence of a masculine side every now and then. And what better way to do this than have her watch you sweat it out on the field playing football, soccer or boxing. While you may have to depend on your golfing skills to impress your boss or strike a business deal, it is actually a high-intensity, testosterone -driven game which will impress a woman with your physical prowess and fit body.

Fixing the dishwasher

Or the microwave, the washing-machine or a plain leaky faucet. While you may be an expert on what lies beneath a car hood and can write the most sophisticated of computer program codes, if you are unable to repair a leaky faucet in your girlfriend’s apartment, you are unlikely to get much far with her. So familiarize yourself with the simplest of handyman tools and once you are able to set right a faulty light switch, you might be able to impress her as serious boyfriend material.


If you are still among those who think that there is nothing more to having sex than two minutes of foreplay and then going for the goodies, maybe this skill should figure right at the top of your list.If you haven’t already been told a hundred times, women need to be gradually roused to a pleasurable level of arousal if they, and you, are to enjoy sex to the full. So take time over foreplay while making love to your partner and even pick up a few moves to introduce variety and fun to the experience.


One of the easiest to acquire but unfortunately one of the most commonly ignored, grooming skills are a must if you are to impress a woman from day one. Even if you may not have or be able to afford the style sense of George Clooney, at least follow the basics of personal hygiene which will go a long way in presenting a neat and well-groomed look. Finally choose a wardrobe which will best express your personal style and you are ready to make an appearance.


If there is one thing that is guaranteed to open up a woman’s heart to you, it is your ability to converse. You may not have enough money or killer looks but if you know how to talk and more importantly listen to her, you can easily know what she wants from men in general and you in particular. The only catch is that being a good conversationist takes some practice but once you master this skill, you have virtually all you need to impress a woman.