Seducing women

A nightclub is probably one of the places most conducive to picking up a woman who’s caught your fancy. To a large extent, it is one of the most likely places a woman expects to be hit on, and so she’s not totally averse to it. The ambience, mood, lighting and pleasurable haze that’s associated with a little alcohol, all combine to make picking up a woman far easier than anywhere else. And unless the woman in question is club-hopping, you have the assurance of knowing you have most of the night to win her over. Here are ten tips to help you on your way.

  1. There are certain men and women who, from the minute they step in front of a camera, that's exactly where they belong. Connery's one. - F. Murray Abraham, Actor
  2. If we mean to have heroes, statesmen and philosophers, we should have learned women. - Abigail Adams, First Lady
    22-Dec-1744 - 28-Oct-1818

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Physical characteristics, for good or bad, have always been a significant factor in the choice of a partner. If most men are choosy about the looks and figures of their girlfriends, many women are equally careful not to be seen with men shorter than they are. So how important is a guy’s height when it comes to dating? Do women like short men and if so, do you have a chance with the leggy lass you have been eyeing for some time now?

Money and social status have traditionally been considered been the most effective way to attract women. Humor is a relatively late entry but guys today are increasingly finding out that an ability to make girls laugh can work wonders for their social lives. So here is how to use humor to charm girls and top the popularity charts.

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You don't necessarily need to have conventional good looks to attract women. There are various ways you can make yourself more attractive to women.

What a woman wants in a man is a question that has not only flummoxed the greatest poets and psychotherapists of all times but continues to puzzle the average guy every day. The reason could be because every woman is different and thus is looking for different things in a guy. However there are certain essential ways to reach out to a woman and make her like you.

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In many men's eyes the one night stand is the undisputed king of all sexual encounters, and for good reason. Having sex with a beautiful woman and being back to doing whatever you want to do the next day is pretty much an ideal night for any bachelor, so make it happen.

Ever wonder why despite landing a nice date now and then, nothing seems to have really worked out for you? If you notice that after going out with you a couple of times, girls keep avoiding your calls, perhaps you need to consider what you have been doing wrong. Here is a list of the top ten things guys often do that turn girls off.


Laughter is the very breath of life when it comes to women and dating. Relationship experts consistently point out that a sense of humor ranks with money, power, physical attractiveness and fame as among the top five coveted qualities in men. Some tips on how to make women laugh and have them look forward to your company again.

A delectable part of the flirting game consists of keeping a guy guessing as to what a woman is actually thinking. While this makes the game all the more exciting, you could miss out on some crucial opportunities if unable to correctly decipher the message she is sending. So here are ten ways to tell when a woman is attracted to you.

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