How to Tell if a Girl Likes You - Teen Dating Advice

To tell what a girl is thinking is tougher than navigating a submarine in a missile infested ocean. Or some guys think so! Girls reciprocate advances made towards them in certain ways and once you learn to decipher them, it becomes easy to tell if they are interested in you or not. There is a little decoding that needs to be done if you are keen to understand what goes on in their minds and here is a handy guide to tell you how!

Attention seeker

If a girl likes you, she is going to try and get your attention. Her methods may be subtle but will do the job they were initiated for. She may borrow a pen from you or may want to take a peek at your notes. When you are asked for your opinion in class, she may back you up and agree with you on a certain point. She may try and playfully distract you in class by passing a note around or by throwing paper balls at you. When you see these things happening, you know it’s time to take things forward.

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When she listens…

You can tell a lot about a girl by just observing her listening skills. If you see her looking at you intently and with interest, you know she has a soft spot for you. Also, if she nods along, trying to be in sync with your views while not mentioning anything dramatically opposite, she is trying to get the ball rolling. If however, she seems disinterested with what you are saying and appears to be bored, you should walk away.

Texting and calling

If you see too many messages from her in your inbox, it is time to rethink all those cute moments you had together and the late night talks that kept you awake, till you were woken up only to dress up for school again! And if she texts you saying that she is awake and can’t sleep, that becomes a direct hit at the target. This should prompt you to pick up the phone and start dialling her number. Navigating your way ahead and deciphering any other signs she throws at you becomes a lot simpler.

Body language

If a girl is interested in you, there are indicators you could spot, by looking at her. Body language decoding is easy and if you see her look at you slyly, from the corner of her eye and then look away, you know she has feelings for you. Similarly, if you see her playing with her hair while she talks to you, take the hint and get things going! She playfully hits you or if she smiles at you when you look at her become sure-shot signs of attraction.

Impulsive acts

If you are good friends and are probably having lunch in the cafeteria, you can put her up to this simple test. No, you won’t have to tell her anything, you won’t even have to talk to her! All you have to do is go up to her table and sit next to her. You may want to sit a little closer than you normally would, because that is all that is required to gauge her reaction here. If she shifts away when you move in close, you can apologize and move away. But if she settles comfortably right next to you, while adjusting a little but not moving away, you have a clear, bright green signal coming from her!

Questions and answers

When a girl is into you, she will want to get to know you. So when she comes up to you with simple questions like, ‘What are your plans for the weekend?’ or ‘Which college do you plan to attend?’ and couples them with one or more signs mentioned above, she is letting you know, in her own way, that she is into you. However, when questions become more specific and related to school activities, it’s time to bail!

Different approaches

Every girl is different and hence it comes as no surprise that reactions coming from them are also going to be different. If you’re set on a girl who is bold and adventurous, you will know she gets the butterflies in her stomach when she meets you or asks you if she can hang out with you. However, if you picked someone who is sensitive and shy, she will use those qualities to let you know what she is thinking. For example, if she is shy and she likes you, a simple ‘Hi’ from you will instantly reflect on her face as a blush and will translate into a hasty exit. She will look down and walk away too soon, instantly letting you know what she feels.

Offering help

If you are a little laid back in class and in other school related activities, finding out the answers to your questions can be simpler than you thought. Helping you with a subject that you are weak at or with a project that needs to be submitted within the due date but has not been started yet, can be great testing platforms to check if a girl likes you. How? If she comes and offers you help upfront while seeing you taking up the daunting task of trying to accomplish the impossible all by yourself, you know how that gesture translates in real life!

Jealousy – The emotions that shows

Nothing can be more fool-proof than this. If seeing you in the company of other girls has her being mean and rude to you, you have no reason to complain. While you may want to explain to her that the group of girls with you was there for no reason but for passing free time, you can also use it to tease her a little and confirm your doubts.

 Every girl has a distinct way of showing her feelings. This guide here seeks to encompass most possibilities you may come across, but sometimes, a gut reaction or an intuition may be enough to do the job for you!