Holiday Places

No sooner than the Christmas-New Year celebrations are over, than one begins to dread the prospect of going back to work and a life of monotony. However if you wish to keep up the spirit of celebration, how about taking off on a vacation in January? Here are some great destinations, varying from winter-sports venues to tropical beaches where you can escape all that sleet and snow.

Tropical beaches make some of the best November holiday destinations – as do cities either in the heart of northern or southern continents before the depth of winter or peak of summer sets in. So if you are thinking of taking a vacation this November, consider the following ten holiday spots.

August is the busiest vacation time on the Continent since the schools are closed down for the summer break and almost all places are basking in the warmth of late summer. Thus hotel prices tend to be high in this month as flights are likely to get booked quickly. However there are many other places in the world where you could holiday at a leisurely pace and without spending a bomb. Here are ten spots worth considering for a holiday in August.


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