Buying Valentine day flowers and chocolates for your girl

As Valentine’s Day approaches, there is a perceptible tinge of excitement and anticipation in the air for lovebirds as they look forward to celebrating their togetherness on a date that is special for lovers the world over. But for many men it is also punctuated with a hint of trepidation as they ponder over the ‘perfect gift’ for the woman in their life.

A good way to approach the sticky situation of finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is to review your relationship and how you feel towards your Valentine’s Day date.

If you’ve only just met her or have just started dating

Suppose you’ve only been on a few dates with her and are slightly hesitant about going over the top in showing your affection on Valentine's day or even ambivalent about your true feelings towards her it might be a good idea to keep it simple and express your interest with some of the most universally ‘safe’ gifts, where you really can’t go wrong.


There isn’t a woman alive who can resist flowers - unless she’s a bra burning feminist or allergic to pollen! Whatever mode of flower delivery you choose – through the florist or ordering through online the internet – when it arrives on her doorstep on Valentine's day and is handed to her with a flourish, you can be sure she’ll have a smile on her face and be thinking fond thoughts of you!

The flowers don’t have to be expensive – choosing a tasteful display with a sweetly worded message should suffice. If you’re looking to express more than just a passing interest in her, you could choose a more elaborate arrangement or pick the flower with care and incorporate in your message your reason for choosing that particular flower (Refer to section on flowers and their significance)

Many florists will deliver flowers the next day of your order. Some florists even deliver flowers the same day.


If your lady love is a chocoholic, there’s no better gift you could choose for Valentine's day than a box of chocolates – beautifully packaged and to suit her taste buds. Find out in advance if she’s particularly susceptible to dark chocolate, milk, white, liqueur, truffles …the list is endless. If you’ve ever watched ‘Chocolat’ you will also be left in no doubt about the magical effect that chocolate manages to weave over us lesser mortals.

Chocolate is reported to contain phenylethylamine and serotonin that are mood enhancing agents, which when released into the system produce euphoria and a general feeling of happiness and well-being, just like when you are in love. It’s precisely the effect you would like to have on your loved one. In fact, women are known to be more susceptible to these aphrodisiac effects of chocolate than men!

Greeting Card (with a stuffed toy) for Valentine's day.

For the younger ones, the clichéd but no less significant option is a mushy greeting card with a cute stuffed toy. This is especially appropriate for the young lovers and teeny bopper romances. If you want to make your Valentine's day gift appear unique, the card has to say it all. Women simply adore it (and this is true for all ages!) when a man can express his feelings and doesn’t just sign a card ‘Dear Gina….From Sam’. But for Pete’s sake avoid the totally predictable ‘Roses are red, violets are blue’ mush. If you want to make an impression, be sincere and write something honest like how you felt a deep connection from your first date or how great you feel in her company. If you can’t manage it, get a friend (even another girl) who’s good at this kind of stuff to help you out. And of course, if you’re a budding poet, let your creative juices flow and wax eloquent with your own unique style of poetry!

If you’re getting serious about the girl or in a committed relationship.

You’ve been seeing this girl for a while now and are pretty sure you want to explore a more committed relationship with her. Or you’re both committed to the relationship, living together or planning to get engaged. As another Valentine’s Day approaches you’d like your gift to hold a special significance for this special someone who has been your love for sometime now and will likely continue to be special for a long time to come…

There’s a wide array of gifts for a man looking to make a statement of intent or show his commitment to a woman, especially if he wants it to be extravagant…


Ranging from earrings, pendants and bracelets to the ultimate commitment – a diamond ring, there’s a wide spectrum to choose from.


From the subtle to the sexy, the flowery to the bold, the department store variety to the designer, there’s no dearth of fragrances to choose from


Practical, daring, sensuous – from teddies to negligees, baby dolls to corsets, let the shimmer of silk and the glide of satin make her feel like a seductress with the added bonus of what could be in store for you.


If you know her taste (and her size) or you have some expert help from a female friend, get her a really sexy dress (preferably red so that it has a Valentine theme to it or a lil’ black number or even a blouse that will make her feel like a million dollars on Valentine's day.

Gift basket

You could make up a basket with a certain theme to it or a mix of her favorite items, be it beauty products, cosmetics, gadgets – in fact, this is something where she’ll appreciate the thought and effort put in to assembling her favorite products and will probably make her realize you know her taste (and her) pretty well.

If you’re married:

So who says Valentine’s Day is only for teenagers or couples who are dating? You could be married for several years or even an old, married couple and still want to treat your wife to a special gift to show her how much she means to you. This could be tough as you’ve probably exhausted a wide array of options on Valentine’s Days of years gone by. What you need is something that is not run of the mill variety. More often than not, women who have been married for several years appreciate the thought behind the gift, even more than the gift itself, though that’s not saying that any wife wouldn’t be over the moon if her husband decided to present her with diamond jewelry! Anyway, let’s think of some more out of the ordinary gifts…

Love notes

After years of being married, if she suddenly finds love notes popping out of the woodwork on Valentine’s day it’s sure to get her in the mood. Of course one of the notes could tell her how you’ve booked her a day of pampering at the parlour!

Be her personal slave

You could knock off that pinstripe suit, don an apron and decide to brandish a mop for the day – there’s a good chance she might have never found you sexier. Order her favorite meal and treat her to a day where she gets to put her feet up!


Book yourselves into a health center for a relaxing massage session together and feel rejuvenated

Practical gifts

In case she’s the more practical kind and is more into pajamas than sexy lingerie, get her a useful, yet slinky pair of silky and maybe even personalized pj’s. Or surprise her with an appliance or set of sheets that you know she’s had her eye on but has been putting off due to budget constraints.

Something she yearns to do

Maybe she’s wanted to join a dance class, but you’ve been reluctant – enroll yourselves and start dancing to her tune!

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