Valentine's Day Ideas for Married Couples

Everyone agrees that romance should happen all the year round and couples should not wait for any one day to tell how much they love each other. But juggling work, family and other responsibilities in a marriage can lead to romance being put on the backburner. So this Valentine’s Day decide to make up for all those lost opportunities and renew your love and commitment for one another with these wonderful ideas.

Say it with flowers

Your spouse may or may not reject the idea of excessive spending on Valentine’s Day but rarely will they be able to resist the charm of flowers. This is because almost everyone - whether men or women, young or old - likes to receive flowers. While red roses are the conventional way of expressing one’s love on Valentine’s Day, you could equally settle for your spouse’s favorite blooms or flowers which have a special meaning – for instance white carnations signify pure and chaste love while honeysuckle speaks of everlasting devotion. For married couples especially flowers can work magic on this most romantic of days since it reminds them that despite the frenzy of busy lives which leaves them with no time to say ‘I love you’ to their spouse, they will always be grateful for the person they married.

Write it down

Today the overt commercialization of Valentine’s Day has made many people wary of spending on cards and gifts for their loved ones. In order to avoid blindly following a practice that many believe has been cooked up by profit-seeking companies and yet celebrate the spirit of the occasion, try to compose a romantic message for your spouse in your own words. It could be a love poem or simply a love letter expressing your thoughts on love and marriage in general and yours in particular. However make sure that just this once, you do not use a computer or a printer but write out the Valentine message in your own hand. To make it even more special, use hand-made and scented paper and when you are done, seal it with a lipstick kiss or tie it up with a satin ribbon.

Relive the past

An interesting way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your spouse could be by doing all the things you used to when you were dating each other. Start by revisiting the place where you met each other for the first time which could be a college library or a coffee shop in your old neighborhood. Then go on to do something together like bowling or browsing through an art gallery which brought the two of you closer. For dinner you could go to the restaurant where you went for your first dinner date and then perhaps wind up the evening with a boat ride, a bonfire by the beach or any other way you or your spouse had proposed. Reliving your romantic past will help you to appreciate how far you both have come together and what a wonderful thing that is in this day of quick breakups and messy divorces.

A fancy dinner

Coming at the beginning of the week, Valentine’s Day this year may not allow for a leisurely evening for many busy couples. However make the most of the special day by dressing up and going out for a fancy dinner with your spouse. Choose a restaurant which not only has good food, but a nice ambience and prompt service too. If you already have had a full working day, you don’t want to waste any time waiting to be attended or being disturbed by overly loud music. Most importantly however if you are planning to go out for a special dinner on Valentine’s Day, ensure you have the made the reservations well in advance since it would be a crowded night at most dining establishments. Also if you have young kids book the babysitter beforehand or you may be all dressed up and ready to go out but with nobody to be at home with your little ones.

Book a day at the spa

As far as sheer pleasure goes little can compare to a couple’s day out at the spa. Indulge your senses with aromatic beauty routines or revive your tired minds and bodies with a rejuvenation package. Most spas have their own dining zones where you can sample a variety of healthy and organic appetizers while washing these down with exotic juices or fruit-based cocktails. Finally you can go back home on Valentine’s Day feeling completely refreshed and energized for some hectic lovemaking.

Set out on a vacation

If you want to go the whole hog this Valentine’s Day, how taking off for a romantic vacation with your spouse? It could be a weekend getaway at a nearby nature resort or an exotic cruise through balmy, palm-fringed tropical islands. The only catch here is that you might have to engage in some hectic planning in order to book the cruise or flights and accommodation for your vacation. Not to speak of deciding where to leave your kids – grandparents or trusted friends are the usual choices but be sure to bring back something nice for them since no amount of money can buy the trust and love of those who really care.

Relax at home

If on the other hand, you are reluctant to venture out of your comfort zone on Valentine’s Day, think of something lovely to do with your spouse at home – after of course you have dropped off the kids to a sleepover at their friend’s. It could be cooking dinner together if both of you like to potter about in the kitchen or enjoying a long warm bath as you play with bubbles or get frisky with each other. Alternatively you could also put on your favorite romantic movie on the DVD player and cuddle up on the couch. Don’t bother with making dinner if you don’t feel like it; order in and simply use the evening to relax with each other. In the end this could make for a much better Valentine’s Day idea rather than braving overcrowded nightclubs and over-priced restaurants.