Valentine's Day Ideas for Her

There is hardly any woman who does not wish to be indulged on Valentine’s Day by her partner. It is not only exceedingly romantic but makes her feel like a princess. So if you are keen on winning over the special girl in your life, take heed of these romantic and some fun Valentine’s Day ideas that your wife or girlfriend is sure to love.

Cook up a storm

The old adage of finding the way to a man’s heart through his stomach could well work for the woman of today who loves to be pampered and indulged by having a man cook for her. So invite your girlfriend to a dinner at your place this Valentine’s Day and then surprise her by laying out a spread rustled up by your very own fingers. On the other hand if your culinary skills are not advanced enough to cater for a guest, then how about making dinner together? Peeling and chopping may not seem a very romantic idea initially but when you get to play with various tastes, smells, textures and colors of food, it can turn out to be a highly sensual experience. If your partner wants to sample the sauce, have her lick it off your fingers or feed her strawberries for dessert from your mouth and you’ll be setting the scene for some sizzling fireworks later into the night.

Go to the fair

Every now and then a girl simply wants to have fun. So this Valentines’ Day, take your woman to a country fair or a fete. such places are usually buzzing with a variety of activities like rides, acrobatic performances, games, musical gigs and of course food stalls. So you can display your muscular prowess by hitting the hammer and hitting the bell; or share corn dogs and cotton candies with your date. A valentine’s day spent at such a fair or festival will be highly enjoyable and what’s more you need not burn a hole in your pocket.

Hit the nightspots

What is Valentine’s Day without a dance night? This date idea in fact can be as casual or as exclusive as you like. If you both would like to be part of a larger group of friends, look for dance nights at your local pub where you are most likely to know more than half the crowd present. On the other hand, a night out at a swanky nightclub which has multi-level dance floors and an ultra lounge might be just the thing needed to impress a date. In fact for a completely over the top Valentine’s Day celebration, hire a limousine too – it will not only wow your partner but help you to avoid driving after all those drinks at the club.


Go shopping

If your girlfriend just loves shopping, hit the mall circuit as soon as you have fortified yourselves with a good brunch. You could engage in some window shopping or simply browse the stores to pick up a few knick-knacks for your pad. You could also use this outing to zero in for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your partner. However make sure that you both are clear about each other’s expectations so that issues of price and choice do not crop up when buying a gift for your loved one. Stop at a café to give your aching legs a break and while you listen to mushy love songs playing in the background, share a sinful cup of Chocó-mocha or feed each other spoonfuls of your favorite dessert.

Catch a movie

A dinner and a movie is the traditional date night idea but you could make this the highlight of a Valentine’s Day too if you know the right way to go about it. Get tickets for the latest chick flick or the Twilight movie if your partner is into what is trending right now. If you want to make the experience a little more intimate, arrange your pad for a movie night by cleaning up the mess, keeping enough soda and popcorn nearby and especially renting DVDs of classic romances like Gone with the Wind or Love Story.

In the midst of nature

One of the most common romantic fantasies of a girl is to have an admirer treat her to a night of luxury aboard a private yacht. You can go the whole hog and organize a candlelight dinner, captain sailing, champagne nestling on a bucket of ice and then lobsters for dinner. When you are through with dinner, watch the stars in the open sky or listen to the gentle lapping of the waves before you turn back for the shore. However if your means don’t allow you to go this extent, you can simply hire a boat and go for a ride on a river or lake. And if you are the sailing sort, you could even head out to watch the sun set on the sea.

Go star gazing

For couples who don’t mind the nip in the air, an immensely romantic way to spend Valentine’s Day could be going star gazing late in the evening. Swaddle yourselves in warm coats and carry a blanket along. Then head for a location in your town or city which does not have too many electric lights. And in fact you need not stop just at star-gazing; to make the event yet more special, arrange to have a star named after your beloved.

A night of laughter

How many times have you heard that women are looking for a partner who can make them laugh? Well, if you have run out of jokes – all the good ones, that is – why not plan a Valentine’s Day date at your local comedy club. And if you want to take things up a notch, get tickets to a play that has been getting rave reviews in the press. You can be assured of your girl having a great evening and if you still have time on your hand, take a stroll to the nearest restaurant for a light dinner.

Pamper her senses

Whether you have known your partner for quite some time now and are ready to take your relationship to the next level or you are eager to spice up your relationship of many years, a sensual night is one Valentine’s Day idea that she will truly love. It could be a warm exotic massage or a naughty bubble bath. Again if resources are not a problem, you can book your partner and yourself into one of the finest spas in your region which will allow you both to be pampered by relaxing massages, skin treatments and customized beauty therapies. You are not only sure to have fun splashing around with each other but can also wrap it up with an intimate night together.


If you have been with your girlfriend for some time now and believe you truly love each other, why wait – go ahead and propose this Valentine’s Day. Carefully place an engagement ring in the silken folds of a flower in a traditional red rose bouquet; or buy a box of gourmet chocolates – a conventional gift for a girlfriend on Valentine’s Day - and replace one of them with the ring. When your girlfriend opens the box expecting only chocolates or unwraps the bouquet, she will see the ring and most probably dissolve in happy tears.