Wedding Themes Ideas


Weddings are one of the truly significant events in a person’s life. And if you are planning to have your own in near future, you probably wish to make it as special as possible. And one of the best ways to do this is to organize a theme wedding. These days there are a whole lot of wedding themes you can choose from which are best suited to your personalities as well as to your requirements and resources. Here are some wedding theme ideas so that not only you and your spouse but all the guests too take away memories for a lifetime.

Seasonal wedding themes

The progress of seasons and the unique aspects of each offer several opportunities to have a fantastic wedding theme. Choose a particular season which will go with the time of your wedding and then organize it according to the colors, scents and sounds of the season. For instance if you are having a springtime wedding, you could incorporate ideas of rejuvenation and revival through pastel shades such as the soft blues of a hyacinth, the pretty pink of an azalea, the soft shades of purple lilacs, the blooms of yellow forsythia and the light to mid-green colors of newly sprung floral stems and leaves. Indeed for an Asian flavor to your wedding, you can choose something like the Cherry Blossom theme which is not only fresh and delicate to look at but symbolizes new growth and new beginnings, all ideal for an institution like marriage.

The summer on the other hand is one of the most popular seasons for weddings and to organize one on this, you can choose themes like Butterfly with a dazzling array of colors or Daisy with its warm, golden hues glowing in everything from the décor to food and wedding favors. Another great summertime wedding theme could be an afternoon garden party wedding in the grand Victorian style replete with lacy wedding veils, laced-edged invitations and traditional English menu including tea, crumpets, hot scones and various kinds of cakes and puddings. However while arranging for summer theme weddings, keep in mind the weather conditions since depending upon the region, a summer can bring pleasant balmy weather, blistering heat or even torrential rain.

Fall theme weddings could be spectacular mainly because of the rich colors of the season like greens, faded yellows, burnt oranges, burgundy reds, and chocolate browns. Along with incorporating such vivid colors, autumn wedding can also include popular symbols of the season like maple leaves, pumpkins and gourds, wheat stalks, Indian corn and acorns. An apple themed wedding  could make for tasty treats, drinks as well as rich hues in the décor and wedding attire. Alternately you can plan your wedding around the gorgeous colors and unique shapes of falling autumn leaves.

Even though winter weddings are not very common due to adverse weather conditions, if you must get married at this time, there are still a lot of wedding themes you can choose from. Wedding décor and dresses can be planned around delicate snowflakes and sparkling ice crystals. Indeed a Crystal theme could make for a stylish and visually appealing wedding. Apart from clear crystal, pure white, and ice blue,  other colors that suit this season are midnight blue, teal green, ruby reds, burgundy, gold, silver and best of all jewels tones of ruby, sapphire, emerald, and purple. One of the most popular choices of winter weddings is the Christmas theme which incorporates a joyous spiritual occasion into a romantic personal one. You can plan one around traditional Christmas colors like red and green or lovely Christmas ornaments or even popular Christmas goodies in wedding banquet.

Outdoor weddings

Apart from the various seasons, striking outdoor locales can also make for fantastic wedding themes. One of the most popular of these is of course the tropical wedding which not only allows you to incorporate vibrant colors, spicy foods and drinks but also varied symbols of tropical beauty like orchids, hibiscus and exotic lilies, palm trees, conch shells and luaus. If you are lucky to live on the coast or if you find it feasible to fly out the whole wedding party, a beach wedding can make for one of the most romantic ways to start a married life. Apart from fabulous ocean views and sun-soaked sands, a beach wedding allows you to incorporate a whole lot of creative ideas like sandcastles, seashells, mermaids, dolphins and even hidden cove treasures. However make sure that you follow civil rules and guidelines for the use of beaches and also keep in mind things like tide timings and weather conditions. Some other outdoor destinations which may not be as exotic as the tropical or beach theme and yet none the less exciting for a wedding theme could be a local park, an indoor-outdoor atrium, botanical garden, the local zoo, the local aquarium, on a yacht or ferry, mountain top, a theme entertainment park, or even a grassy, flower-decked meadow.

Cultural themes

For couples who wish to honor their ethnic origins or religious beliefs, weddings with a distinct cultural theme could be both romantic and deeply meaningful. Most traditional weddings usually involve a whole network of immediate and extended family members not to mention friends and acquaintances linked by ethnic and cultural identity. So you can have an Indian-themed wedding with henna tattoos, fiery curries in the menu and a gorgeous décor with lots of silk and brocade. Likewise couples of African origin can incorporate unique rituals like jumping the broom while continental weddings can celebrate with the “money dance”, breaking of dishes and other wedding customs relevant to the culture.

Fun wedding themes

If you are one of those people who wish to include an element of the adventurous in everything you do, then there are several ways you can leave the stamp of your personality on your wedding too. Couples who are hardcore fans of Elvis Presley can have an Elvis themed wedding with the rock-n-roll icon’s songs belting out in the background as well as famous Elvis-oriented props and they can even be married by an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas. Similarly you can decide to go for themes like angels, wizards, fishing and even the ancient Romans, depending how far you are willing to go to incorporate both your interests in the wedding.