Wedding Centerpiece Ideas


One of the most important parts of a wedding décor is the centerpiece. a wedding centerpiece provides focus to the wedding decorations – it brings together all the elements of the setting and makes it a point of interest, not to mention a conversation starter to help along the social mingling in wedding receptions. often a tasteful wedding centerpiece can come second only to the bride in its beauty and creativity. so Depending on what time of year you're getting married and also what type of wedding you're having, there are plenty of ideas to choose from for your wedding centerpiece.


floral arrangements are perhaps most popular options when it comes to wedding centerpieces. and with good reason too since few things can match the variety in colors, fragrances, textures and symbolism offered by flowers. however a wedding centerpiece demands something more than a run-of-the-mill flower arrangement. either go with the season or the wedding theme when planning a wedding centerpiece. for instance if you are having a spring or summer wedding, there are a whole lot of blooms that you can use for your centerpiece. Using Roses, French and Dutch tulips, Stock and Ranauclus, you can put together a beautiful spring wedding centerpiece along with some glass beads or colored beans and a square or cylinder vase. to go with your winter themed wedding, you can make use of  white roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, grape hyacinth and stock. Mix and match them with pale blue floral's such as hyacinths, hydrangeas, irises (douglasiana), lily (spring squill), or Spring Starflower (another type of lily). if you cannot find any icy blue type flowers to go with the winter theme, you can Have the tips of white flowers dyed or use silk flowers instead, as they come in all sorts of colors not normally found in nature. for summer weddings, include fruity blossoms along with flowers which would highlight the sense of energy and zest. a yellow summertime wedding theme could have a lemonade arrangement for the reception table centrepiece. The arrangement could include sunflowers, yellow daisies, green Fuji spiders (flowers, not the creepy-crawly's), branches, lemons and variegated foliage arranged in a square vase.

Based on settings

If you are having a country or western theme for your wedding, there are many other ways to create attractive centrepieces. Flowers and petals in an old-fashioned pitcher and bowl were often displayed on vanity tables. you can use these ideas to make a very quaint country and western centerpiece for your food tables, as well as guest tables. Place the centerpiece on gathered tulle or lace and scatter additional petals around the outside. you can even fill metal campfire coffeepots or coffee mugs with daisies, zinnias or sunflowers and use them as a striking centerpeice. other props which can be used for making a centerpriece according to the country or western wedding theme are antique looking hurricane lamps, potted cactuses, or candles or wildflowers in mason jars.

The beach is one of the most popular settings for a wedding. if you are having a sea shell themed wedding, you can make a centrepiece out of large pillar candles with sea shells embedded in the wax. Set the candles on a low, flat dish that contains a bed of sand. Place a few small sea shells within the sand.  alternatively your can Fill clear glass bowls with colored water. Layer the bottom with sea shells and fake starfish models while you place a few Floating candles on top. for a tropical twist to the beach wedding, buy small beach pails and fill them with fresh fruit. Include a few palm leaves on the table beneath the fruit pail along with a some colored tea lights. an arrangement of various colored sand bottles could also make for a fascinating centrepiece for beach weddings. for this you simply need to get hold of some unique shaped bottles and pour alternating colors of sand into them whch can be found at craft stores. You can make some very intricate designs if you're feeling really creative. For each table, fill three bottles of varying heights and place in a grouping in the center of the table. Either insert slim, taper candles into the top of each bottle or surround the grouping with votive candles.

Romantic centrepieces

Centerpiences brimming with romance and style need not always depend on flowers. garlands, ribbons and doilies made of various materials like paper, lace, satin and other fabrics can also add style and elegance to wedding centrepieces. you can Create a chandelier with a waterfall of ruffles out of doilies for a spectacular centerpiece. Make garlands and tie to a large and a small wreath form. Hang with ribbon, placing the smaller ring lower than the larger. to secure the chandelier to the ceiling, Use pushpins or adhesive hooks. if you have chosen a modern and minimalist look for your wedding décor, make sure that your centerpiece also subscribes to the abstract aesthetic. against a clean and no-frills table setting, arrange for a big, vibrant blaze of color in the form of candles in bright and bold colors.  if you want to remain close to nature without the frilly sentimentaltiy of flowers, how about going for a brach and leaves centerpience. insert Limbs from a Japanese maple tree into a tall vase in a way so that branches and stems are visible. to raise the visual quotient, place a leaf beside each name card. when flaming maple branches are not in season use other branches with visual appeallike Crab-apple branches during fall,  quince and birch in winter and olive branches in summer. if you wish to go all out with a romantic centerpiece, go for a celebratory theme like Champagne. arrange Ball-shaped ornaments in in clear champagene flutes to  mimic the rising bubbles of the spirit. you can  mixed vintage balls with clear ones for a more elegant effect. Gather flutes in varying styles, and cluster them on a cake stand to craft a truly effervescent centerpiece.