Sending Save the Day Magnets for your Wedding


Every bride and groom hopes for a perfect attendance on their wedding day. And to bring this about it helps to give the invitees as much notice as possible so that they don’t inadvertently keep something on your special day. And one of the best ways of ensuring that guests don’t forget is to send save the day magnets for your wedding.

Plan it now

The best time to choose your save the date wedding reminder is as soon as you have fixed the wedding date. The more time your guests have to plan for your wedding, the higher their likelihood of making it. Some may need to give advance notice for a day off from work or rearrange prior commitments to avoid a scheduling conflict. Out of town invitees may need to make flight bookings while others may wish to have enough time to save for a wedding present or a new outfit. In fact if you are planning a destination wedding, it becomes crucial to send out your save the date wedding magnets several months in advance so that your guests can make appropriate travel arrangements. Usually social etiquette requires you to send out your save the date magnets at least six months before the wedding day but you can do so any time during the year preceding the wedding.

Decide on the style

Save the date wedding magnets these days are available in a wide range of styles and designs. You can choose one which has a photo of you and your betrothed together which can be in color, sepia-tinted or even in black-and-white. There are several templates you can select from like the cinema photo magnet or the calendar magnet which has the wedding month printed on the magnet with the date highlighted by a circle or a bold font. Then there is the side box design where along with the photo of the couple, the message appears in a box on the right margin. You can either submit the photo you want to the designing agency or upload it on a website which will ship the magnets to the required address. Photo magnets also come in different shapes like the horizontal or the vertical. In most instances, you can have the font, color, layout and the wording on your magnet modified according to what you want. Get together with your fiancé(e) to decide on which style will best complement your partnership and then have your save the day photo magnets printed accordingly.

Choose the message

The message is the other most important part of designing a save the date wedding magnet since what is printed here will inspire your guests to attend the event. The first words will of course be ‘Save the Date; but after that it can be as simple as a line announcing “We’re getting married” followed by the names of the couple. Or you can accompany all the above with a short quotation on marriages to make your save the date wedding magnet a little more special. The final choice will be left to you by the designers and it is your job to make sure that the proof includes all the relevant information like the wedding date, the names of the bride and groom, wedding location especially it is a destination wedding and the URL of your personal wedding website if you launched one. Don’t forget to mention that the ‘Invitation will follow’ since a save the date magnet is only a reminder to guests to keep that particular day free and is not a replacement for the actual wedding invitation.

Addressing it

With all kinds of configurations in contemporary families, be very clear while addressing the recipients of your save the date wedding magnet. Try not to leave anything to assumption especially in case of separated or divorced couples and families with single parents. If you are addressing the save the date to a single mom with her kids, put it as ‘Anna Smith and family’. Again to invite a married couple with their children,  write “ The Williams Family”. If children are not welcome to the wedding, address it to, say, ‘Jill and Philip Jones’ or ‘Mr. and Mrs. Jones’. If a single guest is allowed to bring “plus-one”, you could address the envelope to “Patrick Smith and Guest”. Being specific about the recipient of the wedding reminder at the very beginning might save a lot of confusion later and perhaps even some embarrassing moments.

Another thing to remember while sending out save the date magnets for your wedding is to ensure that the invitees actually figure on your guest list for the wedding. Avoid sending out your save the day magnets to names which are still “maybes” on your list. Remember, a wedding date reminder is a promise of a following invitation and should you fail on that count, it might be taken as sign of lack of social courtesy. And even if people don’t mind missing out on the actual invitation, you may still end with several extra guests since early intimation encourages greater attendance.

Mailing it

The cost to mail a magnet of the size of a business card is practically the same as that of mailing a regular card. This makes sending out save the day wedding magnets quite an affordable option which is attractive and innovative as well. What’s more, many designing companies deliver their order of save the day magnets accompanied with mailing envelopes too. Also while mailing the save the date magnet, don’t forget to mention on the envelope an advisement for special treatment like “Magnet Enclosed”.

The best part about sending save the date magnets for your wedding is that, perched on a refrigerator door or the wardrobe, these literally “stick” to their task of reminding the invitees of the special day ahead. And finally unlike cards and postcards, they have little chance of getting lost in the shuffle of other paper mail items.